We have phones for all of your mobile needs. Smartphones from as low as $50.

If your phone is beyond repair, many companies will expect you to pay full-price for a brand-new replacement to finish out your contract. At AzCellphones, we are always purchasing our customers’ gently used phones, so we have them available to you at a fraction of the cost.

You can choose from 11 of the nation’s most popular wireless service providers, with a large selection of phones and smartphones for each. We know if might be hard to choose from so many great options, so here is some helpful advice to selecting the phone that is right for you.

Some things to think about as you look at all our mobile phones are:

Size: Do you need a large screen or buttons? Do you want a smaller phone to tuck into your pocket? There is no right answer, just what’s right for you.

Style: Do you want a simple touchscreen-only phone or one with a slide-out keyboard? Perhaps you like flip phones. Think about what would be most convenient for you and fit your lifestyle.

Smartphone or Cell Phone: Smartphones are like pocket-sized computers. It is amazing all you can do on a smartphone today: stream movies, play games, browse the web, update social networks, and more. Of course, you might just want to make phone calls and send a text once in a while. Consider what you want to be able to do with your new phone to best choose whether a basic phone or smartphone would be better for your needs.

Carrier Coverage: You already know that wireless coverage can vary. So remember to review each wireless carrier’s coverage map for your zip code. Make sure there is a strong signal where you plan to use your phone most to avoid headaches (and dropped calls) later.

Carrier Plans & Additional Services: Remember, for your phone to work (and to get the best price possible on your new phone) you will need to purchase a plan. Each carrier offers many plans and add-on services, sometimes called calling plan features, from which to choose and plans details and monthly pricing can vary greatly among the carriers. If you haven’t picked a carrier, comparing plans might help you decide. Some people even choose their plan (and therefore carrier) before their phone. Spend a moment to thinking about how much data you want for your new phone (if any), what types of calling plan features are important to you, and which carrier meets your needs best.


You may be able to share your smartphone’s mobile internet connection with your laptop, tablet, and other WiFi-enabled devices by activating mobile hotspot service on your phone. A mobile hotspot is a personal WiFi hotspot created by your phone. It usually has a range of less than 30 yards, can be password protected, and may connect up to 8 devices to the internet wirelessly at once (depending on phone model).


Mobile hotspot service is growing in popularity as people enjoy the convenience of a personal WiFi wherever and whenever they want one. It is especially popular with families and travelling professionals, who may have many tablets, laptops and gaming devices that need internet access at the same time.

Not all smartphones include mobile hotspot support. Please read product details before purchase, or check your owner’s manual to confirm your smartphone is mobile hotspot service capable. Mobile hotspot service is included with some wireless service provided plans and data packages. Consult your plan details and, if necessary, give us a call to activate this service add-on.